Posted: January 22nd, 2023

Gastrointestinal Pharmacology

Unit 8: Gastrointestinal Pharmacology

  • Gastrointestinal Pharmacology

    Gastrointestinal Pharmacology

    Welcome to Unit 8 of Advanced Pharmacology

    There are a wide variety of drugs used to treat gastrointestinal disorders. Several groups of drugs are used almost exclusively to treat GI conditions. Our focus will be primary care thus intravenous formulations will not be discussed. Clinical use and dosing of drugs will be the focus as with other units and include an emphasis on rational drug selection and patient education.
    Primary care providers also see a variety of GI disorders, including gastroesophageal reflux disease and peptic ulcer disease. Over the past several years, over-the-counter medications have become available to treat these conditions. However, it is important to understand the underlying pathophysiology, and know when over-the-counter treatment is ineffective. Stepwise approaches to care and special population considerations will be discussed.

    Unit Learning Objectives

    • Examine the principles of pathophysiology and therapeutics that direct the pharmacotherapeutic interventions affecting the gastrointestinal system (CLO 1)
    • Analyze the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic actions of agents affecting the gastrointestinal system (CLO 2)
    • Apply critical-thinking processes to the management and evaluation of expected effects, potential adverse effects, and potential interactions of pharmacological agents affecting the gastrointestinal system (CLO 1,2)
    • Apply the evidence for pharmacotherapeutic interventions in a patient with gastrointestinal system disorders (CLO 1,2,3)
    • Evaluate the impact of pharmacogenomics, access, cost, quality, and safety on prescribing for Drugs Affecting the Gastrointestinal System (CLO 4)
    Week 10/Unit 8 “To Do” List
    1. Complete High-Yield Med Review Quiz by Sunday Week 10
    2. Unit 6 & 7 Exam available Thursday 11/10 to Saturday 11/12 (Access via Respondus)
  • Learning Materials

    Learning Materials

    Lectures & E-Book
    • Busti, A. J. (2022). NP Curriculum Support-Advanced Pharmacology for NPs. MedEducation, LLC.
        • 5-ASA Derivatives
        • Antacids
        • Antidiarrheals
        • Antiemetics
        • Fiber, laxatives, Stool Softeners
        • Drug Food Interactions
        • Drug Gastric Acid Interactions
    Optional Learning Resources:
    • Parkes, C. (2019a, June 26). Nursing pharmacology – H2 receptor antagonists, PPIs, sucralfate, antacids, prostaglandins [Video]. YouTube.
    • Parkes, C. (2019b, June 26). Nursing pharmacology – antiemetic, antidiarrhea medications and prokinetic agents [Video]. YouTube.
    • Khan Academy. (2018a). Advanced gastrointestinal physiology. Retrieved March 11, 2021, from
    • Khan Academy. (2018c). Gastrointestinal system diseases. Retrieved March 11, 2021, from
  • HYMR Quiz – GI

    Following review of all assigned lectures and correlating E-book chapters in High Yield Med Review, you will complete the module quiz in the HYMR platform.
    • From the Dashboard select “EXAMS”
    • Navigate to the “GI-Self Assessment” 
    • Click “Take Exam”
    You will have one attempt to complete 5 questions in 10 minutes. Once completed, please take a screen shot of your score and upload to this assignment tab for grading. This quiz is worth 20 points, so based on your % score you will receive the correlating points below.
    100% 20 points
    90% 18 points
    80% 16 points
    70% 14 points
    60% 12 points
    50% 10 points
    40% 8 points
    30% 6 points
    20% 4 points
    10% 2 points
    No submission 0 points
    *Please note, faculty are able to view your time and activity in HYMR.*
  • Unit Conclusion

    Unit Conclusion

    As we wrap up unit 8 of Advanced Pharmacology, we discussed the wide variety of drugs used to treat gastrointestinal disorders. We also learned in-depth treatment of GI disorders. Stepwise approaches to care and special population considerations are always important to remember when prescribing medications. Recall that rational drug selection emphasizes concentrating on resolving or treating the underlying disease state while reducing side effects.

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