Posted: October 12th, 2016

Do Foucault and Neocleous agree on the historical phases of police concept? What are the differences between their definitions?

Students will submit a research essay proposal including an annotated bibliography. They will have a chance to draft and get feedback on their proposal before finalizing it. Draft proposals will be due on Week 6; finalized copies due on Week 9. Final copies must have the marked draft copy attached. The proposals will be composed of 6 parts: 1. Title of your essay: Choose an original and specific title that summarizes your essay. A good title is divided in two by a colon, from general to more specific . Examples: �New Theories of Policing: A Social Democratic Critique� Do Men Mother? Fathering, Care, and Domestic Responsibility Revolution from Within: A Book of Self­Esteem 2. Topic: (between 150­250 words) Define the topic of your essay and justify why it is important to research about your chosen topic. Your topic should be not too broad and not too narrow. It should be limited to certain aspects of a more general topic. If applicable certain periodic, geographical, theoretical limits should be defined. For examples check out the abstracts of the scholarly articles. Ex. �This paper provides a commentary regarding the quantitative content analyses of gender roles in media published in the two special issues of Sex Roles (Rudy et al. 2010a, 2011). A few themes and some overarching lessons emerge from the wide variety of data presented. First, it is clear that women are under­represented across a range of media and settings. Second, when women are portrayed, it is often in a circumscribed and negative manner. Women are often sexualized�typically by showing them in scanty or provocative clothing. Women are also subordinated in various ways, as indicated by their facial expressions, body positions, and other factors. Finally, they are shown in traditionally feminine (i.e., stereotyped) roles. Women are portrayed as nonprofessionals, homemakers, wives or parents, and sexual gatekeepers. Although the studies generally support these conclusions, some interesting moderating factors are identified, such as race. It is suggested that next steps involve the development of theory and a body of empirical evidence regarding the effects of exposure to under­representation of women. Data concerning the effects of exposure to sexualized or stereotypical portrayals on young audiences is also lacking. Finally, content analyses of new media, including those created and distributed by users, are recommended as a next step. It is concluded that, while increasing the representation of women in media may be valuable, it is also critical that the manner in which they are portrayed be simultaneously considered to avoid increasing negative or stereotypical depictions that may be particularly harmful to viewers.� (Rebecca Collins, �Content Analysis of Gender Roles in Media: Where Are We Now and Where Should We Go?� Sex Roles 64, 2011, pp. 290­298.) 3. Research Question(s): The question(s) you are aiming to answer with your essay. This should relate to the topic of your essay and be specific. It is always good to start from a more general question and ask more specific sub­questions that would correspond to sub­sections of your essay. �Do Foucault and Neocleous agree on the historical phases of police concept? What are the differences between their definitions? Whose definition is better, and why?� �What is the relationship between neoliberalization and private policing? Why do privat

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