Posted: September 27th, 2017

Which of the following statements about ADHD in children is false?

Which of the following statements about ADHD in children is false?

A. Black parents tend to be less sure of potential causes of and treatments for ADHD than white parents, and they are less likely to connect ADHD to their child’s school experiences.
B. Because of its frequent genetic etiology, ADHD in a child is likely foreshadowed by ADHD in other family members.
C. The chances of successful treatment are adversely affected if the parent responsible for implementing the treatment has untreated ADHD.
D. More than 40% of respondents in the recent National Stigma Study-Children (NSS-C) believe that children will face rejection in school for receiving mental health treatment and that negative ramifications will continue into adulthood. More than half expected psychiatric medications to cause a zombie-like effect.
E. The Multimodal Treatment Study of Children with ADHD suggests that pharmacological treatment of ADHD is as effective as behavioral therapy alone.

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