Posted: November 4th, 2016

How do you feel regarding your progression as a professional nurse upon completion of this course?

Please carefully consider, reflect upon, and include the following in your reflection journal:

  1. How do you feel regarding your progression as a professional nurse upon completion of this course?

-Add on whatever, but I feel good about my progression knowledge-wise, average about the overall feeling of progression.  Being in the clinical settings can be humbling, to see just how much we still have to learn.  It will come though with enough repition and experience, and need to be patient.

  1. Review the course outcomes for NURS 2800 (see course syllabus). Choose four (4) How have you met the course outcomes for NURS 2800 Chronic and Palliative Care? Provide support for your answers.

–  I listed the outcomes at the bottom of the page.  Pick any four, and write whatever you like, I will customize them when I get the paper back. Outcome number ll,  I used evidence-based practice to realize a man in the hospice was declining health-wise, increases breathing rate, and notified the nurses who then notified the doctor for emergency services.  Outcome iv.  I kept in communication with other nursing students, and nurses to help keep ongoing, proper nursing care to my patient, along with other students patients.  Outcome number V, I used past experiences in customer service, along with learned therapeutic communication in the nursing program to communicate effective respond to a variety of health care situations.  This was a great tool when dealing with cultural differences with a patient’s family during my clinical.  I was able to build a cultural bridge in the relationship when communicating with the family to ensure the best outcomes possible.  Outcome number l, I enjoyed the chance to reflection, self-analysis of my own feelings and bias’s to prevent discrimination to take place.  Also to use self-cares learned in the nursing program such as meditation, silence, and music therapy to offer to certain patients in need of these tools.  I will continue to practices in my future nursing career.

  1. What did you struggle with in NURS 2800 both clinically and academically? What strategies can you incorporate into your lifestyle and nursing practice to help overcome these struggles?

– I struggled mostly with test outs in lab.  I need to relax and remember the proper techniques/steps to each process, such as setting up an iv bag.  I need to do relaxation/self-cares that focus on my concentration and anxiety.

  1. What beliefs and values were discovered during NURS 2800 regarding caring for clients experiencing chronic illness and end of life issues? How can you utilize these in your practice as a professional nurse?

-You can write whatever here.  One big belief and value for palliative/hospice end of life care is comfort.  Comfort comes first over everything; give them as much meds, anything to guarantee they die with comfort and dignity.  The disease doesn’t make who the person is, but it’s a patient with said disease or illness.

  1. Being a nurse can be very How do you anticipate including self-care into your plan for success in nursing school and practice?

– Self-cares are important to one’s self to stay fresh and energized for our clients who need our full attention and care.  Self-cares are also tools to teach patients to use in their life’s to help them better their bodies, minds, and spirit.  You can add on whatever again, to this and all the headers.

  1. What are your goals for your next nursing course? What do you hope to learn? How will you ensure that you meet your goals?

–  To continue growing my nursing skills, and learning more about patient-centered care, holistic care, and knowing I’m entering a field where you will be learning new skills for the rest of your life.  I will ensure to meet these goals be continuing to be dedicated, studying, and learning hands on at all clinical sites we go to.

  1. What are your plans for your future nursing education once you complete the program at North Hennepin Community College? Where do you anticipate your nursing practice? How will you ensure you are able to meet both your academic and professional goals to include practice excellence, professional engagement and lifelong learning?

-I plan on getting an RN job right away, and then pursue my bachelors of nursing online while working.  I anticipate with mental health or in pediatrics.  Maintain all the ethical and patient-centered care that I’ve learned throughout my nursing program.  You can add on and embellish whatever you feel with all these, they are only feelings and beliefs, nothing concrete.


Here are NURS 2800 outcomes, I need to use four of these in the #2 question located just above.

Each of these, 1-7 need to be headers in APA format.


  1. MANE Semester 5 Program Student Learning Outcomes (PSLOs):
  1. Demonstrate reflection, self-analysis, self-care, and lifelong learning into nursing practice (ELO 1, 3).
  2. Apply leadership skills to enhance quality nursing care and improve health outcomes (ELO 2, 4).
  • Utilize best available evidence and informatics to guide decision making (ELO 2, 4)
  1. Collaborate with inter-professional teams to provide holistic nursing care (ELO 2, 4)
  2. Adapt communication strategies to effectively respond to a variety of health care situations (ELO 2).
  3. Incorporate ethical practice and research within the nursing discipline and organizational environments (ELO 1, 2, 3).
  • Practice holistic, evidence-based nursing care including diverse and underserved individuals, families, and communities (ELO 1, 2, 3, 4).


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