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Family-centered health promotion strategies essay

Family-centered health promotion strategies essay

Why is the concept of family health important? Consider the various strategies for health promotion. How does a nurse determine which strategy would best enable the targeted individuals to gain more control over, and improve, their health?

The concept of family health is important since a family health history can help identify family members with higher chances of common disorders than usual. This helps the health officials to work toward improving the health of the family member and the community at large (Kaakinen et al., 2018) Family-centered health promotion strategies essay. The family health concept is essential as it helps screen for and identifies diseases such as heart diseases. Stroke, high blood pressure, cancer, and other infectious diseases may threaten public health. Family health is essential as a strategy for health promotion. When family members are screened for various diseases and cared for appropriately, they reduce the chances of spreading such illnesses to the public, which is a way of promoting health promotion (Kaakinen et al., 2018). Family health can be used as a strategy to promote health, for example, by helping the family members quit smoking and educating the family members on healthy foods and physical activities. The family members can also be educated on reducing excessive alcohol use, promoting human reproductive health, and promoting clinical preventative services.


A nurse has access to various variables on a patient before determining the best strategy to use to control and improve their health. The nurses analyze the health status of the patient in question to determine the best strategy to help improve the patient’s health (Armstrong et al., 2021). The nurses can conduct physical exams on patients to determine their state of health. They can then choose a health promotion strategy that will match the state of health of such a patient. Some strategies are better for specific health conditions, and it is essential to use the most effective and convenient strategies in relation to particular health status (Armstrong et al., 2021). The nurses may also consider the available and most convenient ways of improving health that is easily accessible to the patient. Family-centered health promotion strategies essay The nurse may also consider the effectiveness of various strategies for improving health and choose the most reliable and effective strategy that will help improve the patient’s health without much strain on resources, time, and other dimensions.


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Family-centered health promotion strategies essay sample 2

“Nursing assessment and interventions for health promotion lead to increased health education and understanding, emotional and behavioral healing, and other improvements for each family’s well-being (Wright & Leahey, 2013). The family influences on each other can be engaged to assist patients and family members make choices and changes for better health (Garcia-Huidobro & Mendenhall, 2015).” The concept of family health is important when assessing the family as a whole. Your family members can affect your lifestyle, wether mentally, emotionally or physically. The Gordon’s Functional Health Patterns is a way for family health assessments Family-centered health promotion strategies essay. The Gordon’s Functional Health Patterns correlates family and functional health patterns. Like with many others things in education and also nursing, we are responsible to identifying barriers before teaching. It is important to identify if there are any barriers within the family before starting the education process for family health. Also, identifying how the family learns best. This may have to be done on an individual basis, since each individual learns differently than another. Some barriers might consist of; Values and Health Perception, Sleep and Rest, Activity and Exercise, Role Relationship, Sexuality, Coping, and other identifies of health education promotion. Family centered care is defined as health care delivered as a partnership between the family and health care professionals. Providing different forms of education is important when assessing the needs of the family. It is also important to understand that each family differs from one another. The traditional family is not the only type of family structure during these days. With family health promotion, it is important to take control over your health along with your family’s health. Taking into consideration genetics, chronic diseases, hereditary traits, behavioral health, and lifestyle are all ways to take control of your health. Family-centered health promotion strategies essay Educating family members who are at high risk for diabetes, or hypertension due to maternal and paternal history is important as genetics have a huge role in chronic illnesses. Taking control over your health can prevent the disease or illness from getting to the point of no control. Learning early ways to control your diagnosis can improve your health and also improve your lifestyle, and your family’s as well.

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