Posted: December 15th, 2022

Evidence Base in Design – NURS 6050 Discussion sample

Evidence Base in Design – NURS 6050 Discussion sample

With our current Pandemic overrunning our own mental health stressor, we have added an additional topic of concern for several thousands of individuals, a vaccination. Many individuals’ report feeling the vaccination was rushed, there are metal particles within the vaccination that will be injected into you so you are tracked, the vaccination will change your DNA, I will become infertile, it does not work because my friend contracted COVID-19 after receiving the vaccination, and several other myths (Kelen & Maragakis, 2021). All of which are myths about the vaccination, unfortunately these rumors are easily spread and believed in some geographical locations where ethnic and racial minorities live. This inaccurate shared knowledge based is only continuing the spread of the virus versus grasping this virus and irradicating it Evidence Base in Design – NURS 6050 Discussion sample.

Bill H.R 1268 – Building COVID-19 Vaccine Confidence Act of 2021, created by Democrats, was introduced to assist those locations I previously mentioned by receiving grants to eligible areas to inform the public of the truths regarding the vaccination. These grants would supply multilingual and cultural appropriate messages, information where to obtain a COVID-19 vaccination, increase awareness and knowledge of the virus, address the skepticism of the vaccination, discuss the side effects, and much more (Congress, n.d.). This Bill also requires a report to congress post so many days to see how much funding’s have been used and the plan for the remaining funds within the next ‘x’ number of days. The evaluation will conclude qualitative assessments and to prepare and submit a formal evaluation of the campaign no later than a year after the enactment of the Act if passed.

In my opinion this Bill is being proposed to policy makers with evidence-based concerns for the public. From my own personal experiences, I have seen incorrect information such as ‘I do not need to wear a mask since I have already had COVID-19 I cannot get it again’ on social media. Which is not true, with the new variants out there, and not always producing antibodies (CDC, 2021) there is a chance of contracting COVID a second time, as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has even reported “We do not know how much protection the antibodies may provide or how long this protection may last. Confirmed and suspected cases of reinfection have been reported, but remain rare” (CDC, 2021). The CDC even encourages individuals to continue to protect themselves and others by wearing masks and proper personal protective equipment (CDC, 2021).  As Laureate Education (2018, 8:33) has even stated personal experiences can influence how Congress respond to certain health care issues. In rural areas, such as where I live, I have heard and seen several conversations from individual’s regarding negative talk upon the COVID-19 vaccination where I have had to refer them to accurate and credible recourses such as the CDC or health department compared to Dr. Google, Wikipedia, and there Facebook friends. With so much stress and anxiety produced by the virus itself, we need to provide proper education to our community members regarding the vaccination and illness to better grasp this virus and end this pandemic Evidence Base in Design – NURS 6050 Discussion sample.


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COVID-19 vaccination is such an important topic, and I feel the Building COVID-19 Vaccine Confidence Act of 2021 is necessary. Many of my co-workers refused the vaccine, which has already caused an increase in infection. Worries of side effects and lack of education surrounding the vaccine have been significant issues.

A solid evidence base surrounds the Building COVID-19 Vaccine Confidence Act of 2021. Reliable sources debunk myths surrounding public concerns. Nationwide education should remedy this false information. There is proof that the vaccine contains only mRNA, lipids, salts, and routine stabilizing agents (American Academy of Family Physicians, n.d.). There are no metal components or devices that track the public. Results from COVID-19 data collection show no increase in miscarriage in women infected with the virus (Mayo Clinic Health System, 2020). If the spike protein were a factor for miscarriage, data would display increased pregnancy loss after natural infection (Mayo Clinic Health System, 2020). With proper education, I feel Americans are more likely to receive the vaccine and help end the pandemic Evidence Base in Design – NURS 6050 Discussion sample.


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response 2

Being someone who also has also heard almost every myth in regards to COVID and the vaccinations from patients, friends, or family members, I believe the legislation you chose is a very important topic to discuss. Even though I work in a niche setting of aesthetics, I too have still discussed and attempted to debunk many myths with my clients over the past few months in regards to the  COVID-19 vaccinations. I agree with your statement that many Americans are presented with false or dramatized information feeding into fear. “Now that there are authorized and recommended COVID-19 vaccines in the United States, accurate vaccine information is critical and can help stop common myths and rumors.” (Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, 2021) Evidence Base in Design – NURS 6050 Discussion sample.

I think the proposed bill you have selected, H.R. 1268, presents a manageable plan and is an approach in which our country is in dire need with how close we have come to the “end” of this pandemic. Proposed bill H.R. 1268’s plan to provide funding to designated areas within the United States in order to properly educate Americans on what the mechanism of action of the vaccine is, potential side effects, differences between the brands as well as myth-busting is so important (Congress, n.d.). I also agree with your statement that the requirement of proof of spending is an important component of this proposed bill. Although the health of Americans is most important, efforts to decrease federal spending are also important in efforts to stabilize our economy. 


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