Posted: December 20th, 2016

Ethnopharmacology short discussion

Topic is on: Ethnopharmacology short discussion

Prompt: Ethnopharmacology.

Will attach the instructions and prompt, One of the articles that needs to be used and cited, and attaching the rubric.

Hello Students,

Please review these instructions and prompts in preparation of developing a scholarly short APA Discussion paper on one of the topics. Please submit your Discussion paper first to Turnitin via the other assignment area, and then post it here if your Similarity Score is acceptable.

***Discussion Board Rubric – please review!

application/pdf icondiscussion_board_topics-ethnopharm.2016-17-2.pdf
application/pdf iconethnopharmacology-ajn_article.2005.pdf
application/pdf icondiscussion_board_rubric.pdf

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