Posted: January 1st, 2023

Emojis use in business communication essay

Emojis use in business communication essay


            Emojis are described as a global language. Each country has a different use with the French using the ‘love heart’ four times more than any other country. Russians and Arab-speaking nations have also been fond of using emojis more frequently. Sometimes back, emojis were almost exclusively used by youth and teenagers. However, that is not the case as of today. Lately, people of all ages are using emojis to add some form of levity to their written communication. Before proceeding, it would be wise to define what an emoji is. An emoji is defined as a small digital icon or image that is used to express an emotion or idea among others (Wheatman, 2016, p. 60) Emojis use in business communication essay. According to Aydlett (2016, p. 47), 92% of the total online population is using emojis to communicate Emojis use in business communication essay. It is for this reason that businesses are seeing the importance of using them, especially in their marketing. Initially, emojis were ignored and regarded as a teenage thing but lately, businesses are using them and helping businesses add human and playful touch in their communications. Emojis use in business communication essay This article gives a deeper insight into finding out whether emojis are finding their place in written business communication.


How to use emojis in business communication  

            Debates on whether emojis are unprofessional have been going on for a while with different people having their own different views. In essence, majority of people tend to believe that the use of emojis, especially in business communication is unprofessional. However, research has shown that the use of emojis actually make communication appear more competent and friendly (Narayanan, 2015, p. 30). Albert Mehrabian, a famous psychologist once argued that emojis help people more accurately express what they are thinking. There are cases when using such emojis may seem inappropriate but and should be chosen with care. However, times have changed with businesses seeing the importance of using emojis, especially in written form of business communication (Lucas, 2016, p. 75).

Emojis should not be used randomly, especially in business communication. There is a time and place to use such emojis one of them being in instant messaging. The majority of offices do make use of some sort of instant messaging system that allows employees to communicate with one another directly via a computer. With this type of setting, the focus is often on sending a message and expecting to get a feedback immediately. In such a case, emojis available may be used thereby becoming a big time saver in helping convey feelings quickly (Byron and Baldridge, 2007, p. 137).

Secondly, emojis can be used in written business communication when the relationship between parties is formal and solidified enough. When an organization has solidified its relationship with their customers, for instance, it will not be bad if the firm goes ahead and uses emojis once in a while to communicate with them. When the interactions seem casual and friendly enough, emojis can be used to communicate within and a business environment or between a business entity and its customers (Chan, 2015, p. 6). For instance, in the business setting, workmates working at the same department can use emojis to communicate with each other about the inner working of the business.

In written business communication, emojis can also be used depending on who the person using them is communicating with. In other words, it depends on the relationships, audience in addition to the tone of the message. For instance, co-workers or small groups of people who know each other well with established good work ethic can use emojis once in a while. According to Byron and Baldridge (2007, p. 138), business settings that use emojis such as smiley face when communicating have higher chances of enhancing communication between each party as such a face is friendly and inviting Emojis use in business communication essay.

In written business communication, the use of emojis may at times sound inappropriate and somehow distracting. However, based on the situation and company culture, the use of emojis to express certain feelings may not be bad. If the company has a habit or culture if using emojis to communicate once in a while, co-workers or the business entity itself can use them in written business communication (Brodsky, 2015, p. 3). Closely related to this, based on responses from customers based on a company’s product, the use of emojis may be used. Today, there are hundreds of emojis in place with research indicating that a lot of people use them to communicate. Product reviews of a given company have seen the use of emojis used to express customer feelings and feedback (Chan, 2015, p.6). In such a case, a business entity can go ahead and use emojis when replying or communicating feedback to their customers.

In line with the above, if the company has a policy in place against the use of emojis in written communication, it would be very inappropriate to do so. Some companies across the globe have strict work ethics, one of them being not using any form of emojis in written communication as they may be misinterpreted by other people to mean different things (Lucas, 2016, p.74). For this reason, it would be inappropriate to use them, especially when communicating through writing to customers or other business associates.

In written business communication, emojis adds a personal touch to conversations that may not take place face-to-face. Colleagues that rarely meet can ensure that written messages sent to each other carry some personal touch in them (Aydlett, 2016, p. 47). In business settings, such can be used if the company seeks to ensure that their employees get that interactive feeling that may not take place face to face through the use of emojis. In such a situation, it would not be destructive if a given company goes ahead and encourage its employees to use emojis in communication (Narayanan, 2015, p.30) Emojis use in business communication essay.

According to recently published reports, it is indicated that receiving an email with an emoji makes the recipient feel like the sender is friendlier and more understanding in nature. In business communication, throwing in a smiley face in an email shows the recipient that the message is not meant to be interpreted or perceived in a negative way (Wheatman, 2016, p. 60).


            Communication is constantly adapting to new technologies and changes. The use of acronyms, emoticons and emojis is lately gaining widespread attention. Not so long ago, emojis were perceived and subsequently associated with the youthful generation but lately, the use of emojis is finding its way in business communication with research pointing out that a lot of people use it to communicate. Of importance though, there is a place and time to use emojis in written business communication. It depends on a lot of things such as the relationship in place, the company culture and the response from previous communication among others.



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