Posted: June 1st, 2018

Drug Paper Guidelines

  1. Drug Paper

Drug Paper Guidelines


The paper is to consist of your research on a specific drug or class of drugs. There are some suggestions listed below, however, your choice need not be confined to the list. At any rate, please check with the instructor before you begin writing, just to be sure you understand the assignment and to approve your drug topic. You should submit your topic in the Drug paper topic proposal area in the week six area of our class.

The content and grading of the paper include the following:

1.) 9 points each, for the following content areas.

Type or class.

Related paraphernalia to use it.

Drug(s) name/classification.

Signs/symptoms of use.

Street name(s).


Description of physiological effects. Statistics related to use and abuse.

How it is used/abused.

81 points.

2.) No grammar or spelling errors. Full required length (with no font larger than 12). Title page, reference page (minimum of three sources) and bibliography. 19 points.

100 points Total

Length of paper should be 2-3 pages of content, typed and double spaced, with no font larger than 12. Use a cover page with a title and your name. Provide a reference and bibliography page. Place it in a Word document (or similar program) and upload the file to the assignment area with the subject heading of Health1 Drug Paper.

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