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DNP-801A Topic 1 DQ 1

DNP-801A Topic 1 DQ 1

Assessment Description

Congratulations on your acceptance into the Doctor of Nursing Practice program at Grand Canyon University. Earning a DNP is a major milestone for you personally and a significant contribution to your community and profession DNP-801A Topic 1 DQ 1. In keeping with the expectations of DNP professionals, learners enrolled in this program are expected to display courteous and professional conduct and develop strong scholarly skills. This course will begin to prepare you for your professional journey.


In a few words, explain how your future role as a Doctor of Nursing Practice leader will serve your profession and your personal community. On a personal level, what do you expect to achieve from this program? (This response does not require research support.)

Review the “Discussion Forum Philosophy” located in the Class Resources. You are expected to post in the forum according to these guidelines without further prompting for the duration of the program.

As a Patient Care Manager, I find myself attempting to fix issues, concerns and quality fall outs on a daily basis. Evidence-based research and implementation of practice has grown in all healthcare settings. My role as a Doctor of Nursing Practice is to continue to serve the community in order to enhance patient outcomes DNP-801A Topic 1 DQ 1. I serve in several committees in order to better service the homeless population, those that are uninsured and others without home assistance in collaboration with social work and case management. The DNP program will assist me in furthering my education in order to establish better processes and protocols for the needs of all patients. I have assisted in several quality improvement projects however it is quite challenging to know where to get started without proper education and background. I know that I can gain this knowledge throughout this program. My main focus and goal is to make change and a positive impact especially on processes that are failing frequently. There are many processes that I know can be enhanced however I don’t actually know where to start. I also see this from bedside nurses. The nurses are always full of ideas for great quality improvement projects however similar to myself, it is challenging to decide a start point or to educate on how to move forward with great ideas. Altogether, change is always needed in order to save lives in our fast growing healthcare system. The census and acuity of patients from five years ago is severely different from today’s which means process and improvements are needed to better care for each individual DNP-801A Topic 1 DQ 1.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) has benchmarks regarding Sepsis, Stroke, CLABSI, CAUTI’s and HAPI’s. The hospital gathers nurses champions, MD’s, Advance Practice Providers, project managers, IT, and DNP’s in order to assist in developing processes to meet these benchmarks in order to have a positive impact on patient outcomes. I am eager and excited to be involved and assist in workgroups such as these.

  •  Patient care manager play an important role in improving patient outcomes. Obtaining your DNP will provide a solid foundation of evidence-based practice to work at a higher level in your organization. It will provide the knowledge to work at the executive level to have more of an impact in policy and procedure development. The DNP program, according to AACN position statement provides advanced nursing practice, organization and systems leadership/management, quality improvement, health policy development and collaboration to improve population health (AACN, 2022). I’ve done case management and in my current role I work closely with internal and external care manager. I have much respect for care managers. Especially during the pandemic.

    Personally, I’ve noticed over the past several years the acuity of patients has increased. The criteria for hospital inpatient admission changes periodically according to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Although acuity for IP admission has become more difficult, in some diagnosis to meet per InterQual, Skilled Nursing has become more lenient DNP-801A Topic 1 DQ 1.

    I believe knowing where to start is having the awareness that there are gaps and challenges in current processes and having the desire and passion for improvement.


    American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN). (2022). AACN position statement – DNP. Retrieved February 19, 2022, from

    DNP-801A Topic 1 DQ 1 sample post 2

As healthcare evolves and becomes more complex, nursing needs to be actively involved in research and know how to translate the research into practice. The skills of the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) leader are developed to interpret and apply research to nursing practice. This allows for DNPs to practice in a variety of roles within different organizations and blends research into nursing practice (American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN), 2020) DNP-801A Topic 1 DQ 1.

It is my hope that I can help advance nursing knowledge in my region by pursuing my DNP. Currently, there is only one DNP nurse within my facility. In my current position, I actively read research and try to incorporate evidence into daily practice. However, at times, this can be extremely challenging, especially if it involves change on behalf of medical providers. As part of my DNP training, I am eager to learn how to better implement research into bedside practice. I would like to be a resource for nurses at any organizational level who strive to drive practice change. It is imperative for nurses to remain current in practice and not become complacent DNP-801A Topic 1 DQ 1. Complacency can alter patient outcomes and possibly lead to patient harm if we do not challenge the status quo and look for ways to improve quality. By obtaining my DNP, I hope to motivate my team to seek ways to improve nursing practice and realize each person can have a role in improvement and change.

Personally, earning a terminal degree has always been my goal. As I go through this program, I am looking forward to networking with my peers from different areas of the country. I am eager to develop my research and leadership skills. Ultimately, I hope to inspire others to consider advancing their degree. I firmly believe education is necessary for quality drive patient care and for advancing the nursing profession.



American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN). (2020, October). AACN fact sheet – DNP. Retrieved February 19, 2022, from DNP-801A Topic 1 DQ 1


DNP-801A Topic 1 DQ 1 sample response

I am glad you brought up the challenging aspect of change amongst medical providers. This is a challenge amongst our institution as well which can be unfortunate since the medical team often are key drivers in quality improvement and patient outcomes DNP-801A Topic 1 DQ 1. Most recently, our department has implemented a sepsis bundle and care path based on patient’s arrival symptoms, vitals signs and nursing completing an infection screen. This is completed for early recognition of sepsis in order to activate an order set. I have been working on this change amongst other peers and one of our fall-outs are incomplete or a-la-cart orders by providers with incomplete documentation. I find it is quite difficult to educate and drive a project to the nursing team where some of the medical group is either not up to date or resistant. Altogether, it is a team effort and I believe this program will assist in collaborating efficiently and effectively with those hesitant to change DNP-801A Topic 1 DQ 1.


DNP-801A Topic 1 DQ 1 sample post 3

As a Nurse leader, I am expected to oversee nursing units, ensure nurses staff follow protocols and procedures that provides patient safety. I enrolled to GCU DNP Program because I believe that it will help me in end to focus the responsibilities , essential qualities and leadership style that I want to practice. DNP-801A Topic 1 DQ 1 After my program I hope that I have gained my advance knowledge and skills to apply in my organization. I hope that I can be a better improve and effective leader as I transitioned to a new job role. In order for me to be an effective leader I should incorporate what I’ve learned and share it to my staff that current evidence-based practice into nursing practice in order to provide high quality care for patients. I chose this path because I want to make difference both for nurses and patients. Having this degree I know that I would be able to educate and teach my staff the skills, knowledge and improve patient health outcomes. Providing them all the tools they need for delivering top-quality care. It is my responsibility to make sure that we are all patient advocates and our staff has initiatives to better themselves. Being a nurse leader I should be able to communicate with all the team members openly and efficiently to provide care. I should focus on understanding healthcare management and should be able to work with other stakeholders to achieve optimal patient outcomes DNP-801A Topic 1 DQ 1.


DNP-801A Topic 1 DQ 1 sample response

Your staff are fortunate to have a dedicated leader driven to look at the current evidence based practice that ultimately affects the quality of care patients received. I have similar goals as well. I am an informal leader as I work as the nurse educator in my unit. I am looking forward to developing my leadership skills in order to drive quality driven nursing care and battle complacency that can be so prevalent. To me, the DNP degree is a nice bridge between academics and research in to practice or direct patient care. I appreciate your recognition of the various stakeholders that are involved and impact outcomes. Having the DNP degree will give tools of data interpretation and return of investment which is a topic of interest for many stakekholders DNP-801A Topic 1 DQ 1


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