Posted: September 18th, 2017

The use of one support theory the nurse theorist utilizes.

1. Introduction of the theorist and theory.
2. Support theory: discuss the use of one support theory the nurse theorist utilizes, and how it supports the nursing theoretical framework/model.
3.Components of the Nursing theory/model
a. major concepts/definitions
b. underlying assumption/philosophical underpinnings
c.goals of nursing
d. theory and nursing process
e. nursing metaparadigm definitions
4. Explore current applications of theory/ model in nursing:
practice, education, administration, research, post on of the peer reviewed articles from the nursing literature related to the theory.
5. Identify your clinical area: interventional cardiology
Examine the appropriateness of utilizing this theory in your clinical area.
Analyze the potential of this theory in shaping, changing your nursing practice
Suggest how the application of this theory will potentially impact patient ourcomes
6. Evaluation of theory:
assess for inconsistencies within theory
decide if the theory is clear and understandable
explain how difficult it is to use this theory
discuss limitations of the theory
discuss contributions to the discipline of the nursing

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