Posted: September 30th, 2016

Differences between dementia, delirium, Alzheimer’s


Topic Points to consider
Disease Diagnostic methods/tests
Differences between dementia, delirium, Alzheimer’s
Current theories of pathophysiology
Clinical course and prognosis
Treatment options
Safety interventions for the home or potential hospital admissions
Chronic Heart Failure Risk factors/causes
Types (right and left heart)/classification
Underlying mechanisms (Frank-Starling, after and pre load)
Consequences (remodelling, RAAS, SNS, etc.)
Diagnostic tests
Acute and chronic management (Australian guidelines!)
Later treatment options
Life-style changes
Chronic Renal Failure Fluid and electrolyte regulation (ADH, RAAS)
Development and process of renal failure, risk factors
Pre-renal, intra-renal and post-renal causes
Clinical manifestations
Diagnostic process, lab parameters, renal function
Clinical course (complications, progression to chronic condition, stages)
Consequences (anaemia, vit. D, etc.)
Treatment (pharmaceutical, dialysis)
Diabetes Type II Regulation of BSLs
Population impact
Risk factors
Difference to type I
Insulin resistance
Diagnostic tests
Treatment options, life-style changes
Marking criteria

Below you will find two tables: The first is the SNM generic marking rubric, the second is an interpretation of that rubric to help you recognise which areas are important.

The column on the left in table 2 is the high distinction column from the generic rubric (table 1). The column on the right shows you what elements you need in order to get full marks. The points in brackets show you how those elements are weighted, e.g. the introduction can get up to 5 points, whereas the section on treatment can achieve 20. Naturally elements with more points require more words/paragraphs.

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