Posted: November 5th, 2016

Synchronous and asynchronous didactic facilitation methods.

Discuss the following article (200 words at least without overstating the title please.)

Plante, K., & Asselin, M. E. (2014). Best practices for creating social presence and caring behaviors online. Nursing Education Perspectives, 35(4), 219­223.

Research and watch a video that addresses different synchronous and asynchronous didactic facilitation methods. Research and watch a video that addresses different clinical facilitation methods.

Post a 200­-word message in which you consider:

How could you use each method of facilitation?

Why is it beneficial? Are there any potential drawbacks?

What are some strategies to overcome the challenges? Cite and reference the videos according to APA guidelines. Research the various learning styles considering your practicum topic, student population, and delivery modality.

(Practicum project to develop of a new neurological assessment for patients receiving high doses of Cytarabine through an evidence­based approach) Identify two different facilitation methods you could use to meet the needs of each type of learner (a total of eight methods). Develop a visual representation, including the following:

Identify the different learning styles

Identify two specific facilitation methods per learning style (e.g. a cross word versus a game).

Briefly describe each facilitation method (one sentence each)

Submit your visual representation and your clinical log with this week’s assignment.

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