Posted: November 4th, 2016

develop a plan of care as it relates to culturally diverse needs of Filipino population cultural group.

Filipino population in the United States 1. Using the Purnellâ s cultural assessment model, develop a plan of care as it relates to culturally diverse needs of Filipino population cultural group. â ¢ Include 3 (Hypertension, High cholesterol, and Diabetes) highest priority health care needs. â ¢ Use an interdisciplinary approach including community resources, governmental organizations, non­for profit organizations, outreach centers, religious organizations and hospital provided community activities and professional associations like nursing and health care associations. â ¢ Identify other Health Care Professionals (ex. Nutritionist, homeopathic physician) that should be included in your plan (interdisciplinary) 2. Please include in your discussion concepts related to: â ¢ Does the culture seeks preventive or acute treatment? â ¢ Magicoreligious healthcare beliefs â ¢ Traditional practice â ¢ Individual responsibility for health â ¢ Barriers to health care like: language, prejudice, poverty, surgery, the role of the ill.

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