Posted: June 1st, 2018

 Describe the four stages of anesthesia

his case study has two parts. Answer both parts in one APA formatted document, and clearly label parts one and two. References for both parts should be included in one reference page at the end of the case study.

Part 1:   Describe the four stages of anesthesia. Describe the importance of each step and the effects of the patient. Part 1 should be one page in length. You must use your textbook to support your answer.

Part 2:   A 26-year-old female comes to visit her primary care provider with complaints of decreased appetite, difficulty concentrating, lack of energy or initiative, and feelings of being withdrawn from her peers for about the last three weeks. She indicated that she started eating better and exercising in hope that this would improve her condition. She informed her physician she has never felt this way before and is a bit worried. She is hoping to get some advise from her doctor.

Discuss what indicators would lead to a diagnosis in this patient, and select a possible  treatment intervention. Be sure to include why you think the diagnosis and treatment are the best choice and support your choices with at least one outside source. Part two should be approximately two pages in length.

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