Posted: December 24th, 2016

What is your culture? What family or cultural remedies have been passed down through the generations of your family

WIKI Cultural Competency and Global Health

Final Wiki Assignment

Wiki Directions: You will develop three pages in the wiki tool for this assignment. There should be a minimum of 350-500 words per wiki page. Provide reference(s) on each page. Each student will create 3 pages in their wiki tool. Students will respond to the following 3 questions (each question needs to be placed in a page of wiki tool) and comment on at least 1 other colleague’s wiki as directed. Your Initial post for questions 1, 2 and 3

Question #1/ Wiki page 1: (10%)

What is your culture? What family or cultural remedies have been passed down through the generations of your family ( must describe at least 1 remedy and provide specific examples of why and when the remedy was used and how ( i.e. how prepared, how much ect.) the remedy was used ( i.e specific illness/or wellness for the cultural remedies?) Then, find in the literature evidence to support this practice and post an article or Internet link resource to support your remedy and briefly discuss the findings related to the evidence you found. ( at least 350-500 words)

Question #2/Wiki page 2: (10%)

Describe a cultural healthcare interaction with a patient of another culture other than your own and state the culture and the cultural patient centered intervention you provided as an RN in the care of this patient. Now find literature regarding this intervention you provided the patient or another intervention related to the patient’s problem you addressed and describe how you would add to the care of this patient in a culturally competent way based on what you found in the literature. ( There must be at least 2 in-text literature sources/references other than your textbook from this course to support this question). ( at least 350-500 words)

Question #3/Wiki page 3: (10%)

Choose either your nationality culture ( from question #1) or that of the patient’s culture/nationality in your question #2 and discuss pertinent health issues in the Global sense related to your choice. In other words present what pressing health issues are affecting this country and culture presently. Bring in literature from WHO and other global associations and evidence from the literature to support your choice. Are there any efforts in place or any plans to reduce this health issue for this country, please explain using evidence? The nation you choose can not be the U.S. . ( at least 350-500 words).

APA references and Wiki Best Practices: (5%)

There should be a reference list ( at least 5 references excluding course text book) placed at the end of page 3 using APA guidelines. Wiki best practices include: provide images/ color and links to web sources etc. in each of the wiki pages


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