Posted: September 29th, 2016

critiquing a quantitative research article

Pick a quantitative research article THAT YOU HAVE NOT used before.

2. Use the appropriate CAT or Textbook Critique parameters as a guide to discussing your critique.

3. Do a write up on the critique, APA format–not more than 5 pages, not including title and reference page.

4. Post to the discussion board.

5. Feel free to have others make suggestions. Only the final submission is graded.
Special Note about this Assignment
Please note that the idea behind having a separate discussion board post is to facilitate you and other students working together on this assignment to perfect grammar, professional tone and APA format. This is one of the three paper assignments (besides the EBP Project) where students may work together to perfect their work. ( IN TEXT CITATIONS IMPORTANT)
• Just a reminder for submitting professional papers: CAT, Qualitative, Quantitative and EBP Project.

1. APA format only.
2. Do not use “was” or “were”—use only “is” or “are.” Do not use words “be” or “been.” In other words, write in active voice, present tense.
3. Do not use any pronouns. Do not use “it, he, she, we, they, them, their, this, that, etc.”
4. When providing an analysis for papers, always write the name of the article AND publisher in the introduction paragraph, apply proper italics and capitalization requirements. Remember, THERE IS a difference between in text and the reference section as far as capitalization of names of articles.
5. ONLY USE articles that pertain to NURSING.
6. Whenever citing something EXACT in text ALWAYS ALWAYS cite a reference WITH A PAGE NUMBER. This includes anything from an articles with A NUMBER as NUMBERS ARE ALWAYS precise.
7. Whenever starting a new paragraph, at the first writing of information from a source ALWAYS cite the reference. That way, you are covered for documenting at least once, in a paragraph from a source.
8. NEVER USE DIRECT QUOTES—At this level of your education you should paraphrase ALWAYS. Citing direct quotes means you do not have a grasp of the material which requires the parroting of material.
9. Double and triple check your references to make sure all material is cited properly within the text as well as within the reference section.

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