Posted: November 29th, 2016

Compare and contrast two specific populations in your practice that are affected by the above issue(s) or disease(s) by listing their commonalities and their differences.

Now, that you have completed this lesson and thought about the factors that affect the health of various communities, identify prevalent issues or diseases that affect the health of your community (the specific populations you serve). Compare and contrast two specific populations in your practice that are affected by the above issue(s) or disease(s) by listing their commonalities and their differences. Based on this information, how can you change or refine your practice to meet each community’s specific needs? Include in the paper: Clearly labeled lists of commonalities and differences Clear and specific plan to modify your practice to address the specific needs of each community: Be sure to address the following for each community: â ¢ potential community and family stressors, â ¢ socioeconomic factors that impact families and communities. â ¢ use of available community resources

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