Posted: July 20th, 2016

comparative analysis of the U.S. healthcare system against that of China.

Your Course Project is a comparative analysis of the U.S. healthcare system against that of China. Below are six (6) key steps that will help you with the research and writing of this paper. At this time, please read all six steps to help you understand the requirements. You will be required to submit assignments at various stages within this course. The project requirement is a 6- to 10-page paper. Note that 6–10 pages means 6–10 pages of double-spaced written material with 1-inch margins on the left, right, top, and bottom and a 12-point font. The cover sheet, table of contents, index, pictures, long quotations, or multiple quotations, will not count toward the 6–10 pages. APA format is required.

Before you submit your final draft, you need to do a spelling and grammar check and check for any content errors. Make sure to check that

your introduction is concise and clear and reflects the paper’s content; topics and subtopics transition well throughout each section of your paper; all concepts, quotes, numbers, statistics, graphs, and graphics are properly cited; each citation has a reference listed in the bibliography; the conclusion is consistent with the paper’s content; and the title page, paper, in-paragraph citations, and reference page are all in the APA formatting style.

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