Posted: December 14th, 2016

How should the Chief Nursing Officer impact nurses in their everyday duties?

Write a short essay (500-600 words) responding to the following prompt. You should submit your response as a Word document.

How should the Chief Nursing Officer impact nurses in their everyday duties? You should use the following excerpt from the IOM report “The Future of Nursing” to help you develop your discussion, and you can use your own experience as a healthcare professional to support your argument. Please review the sections in “Audience Expectations” on genre and objectivity and consider both as you choose your writing strategies. Personal narrtive is not appropriate for this assignment; rather, include your own critical and analytical ideas based on your experiences. Because this is a relatively short essay, do not attempt to address every aspect of the Chief Nursing Officer’s impact on nurses. Instead, focus on two or three areas you think most important. Research and outside sources are not required for this essay; use only the resource provided. Research and incorporating sources are covered in future units.

Your essay will be evaluated on your general writing ability and on how well you meet the following expectations of academic writing discussed in this unit:

•Paper offers a clear, explicit, and direct discussion of the topic.
•The language used is appropriate to the academic community.
•The introduction clearly identifies the topic and establishes a specific argument.
•The tone is objective in keeping with the scientific academic audience.
•The paper incorporates the source effectively, using it as part of a meaningful discussion of the topic..

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