Posted: December 24th, 2016

CAN you relate this to our topic of EBP and patient outcomes?

CAN you relate this to our topic of EBP and patient outcomes?

I need a good comment , no more 150 words . Thank you .

Thank you for the paper. One thing I normally know and value in healthcare is patient satisfaction. This is the core factor that shows whether an organization is providing quality services to its patients. It is true and I agree with the fact that high reliability organizations put emphasis on strategies that can create a just culture where health care practitioners are inspired to report errors and concerns in a way that they will not be blamed, retaliated or humiliated. Just like you have mentioned here.

I can confirm based on my personal and professional experience, that the use of a High Reliability Organization in healthcare improves the effectiveness, efficiency, compliance, documentation, and enhances customer satisfaction of an organization. Additionally, it is also true that it empowers the staff against entertaining wrongs and creates a just organizational culture. This paper is organized in a manner that gives logical flow of ideas.You have shown a high level mastery of the course outcomes, applied the required concepts and techniques and constructed an in-depth justification of your arguments. This is coupled by a good command of the language.

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