Posted: July 15th, 2016

Relationship between BMI and haemoglobin

Relationship between BMI and hemoglobin in ICLDC population corrected for CKD.

Please include a 200 word summary or abstract of your essay at the beginning The actual essay should begin with a clear introduction and end with a definite
conclusion. Your essay should be written in continuous prose â donât use bullet points or numbered lists. Diagrams, graphs and tables may be included if they
are referred to in the text with a narrative explaining what they are and present evidence to bolster your argument.

relationship between BMI and haemoglobin in icldc population corrected for ckd.

Sub­headings may be used to help
structure the essay. It is useful to define and explain any key terms towards the beginning of the essay. Arguments should be supported by evidence, with the
source of the evidence appropriately referenced (see below). You should also consider alternative interpretations to your main argument.

The word limit is
3,000 words (excluding cover page contents, 200 word abstract, references and any additional bibliography). Essays over the word limit will be penalised one
mark for each 1% over the limit. The Appendix is NOT part of the word count References: Vancouver References should be used. Information or quotations
from a source should have an appropriate reference.

This should take the form of sequential end notes using Arabic numerals (you can use your Word
Processing programmesâ automated end note feature).

BMI and haemoglobin

The format of references for different sources is: Journal references take the formâAuthor A, Author B.
Title. Journal Year; Volume number: Page range linked by hyphen (e.g. Saito N, Ebara S, Ohotsuka K, Kumeta J, Takaoka K. Natural history of scoliosis in
spastic cerebral palsy.

BMI and haemoglobin

Lancet 1998; 351: 1687­92). All authors should be listed if there are less than six, otherwise list the first three and then put et al.
References to a whole book take the formâAuthor A, Author B. Title of book. Number of edition (if not the first) Place of publication, Year of publication (eg,
Osmond R, Clark S, Banham L. Lancet Style. 2nd Edition, London, 2001). References to a chapter in a book take the form â Author A, Author B. Title of the

In: Editor A., Editor B, eds. Title of book. Place of publication, Year of publication: Page range linked by hyphen. References to newspapers and nonjournal
magazines take the formâAuthor A. Publication Title, Place of publication, Date, Year References to online sources should take the form: Author (if

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