Posted: October 4th, 2016

This assignment provides the opportunity for you to have a voice and make a business case for innovation in health care that ties to the hospital’s mission and vision

Presentation of Your Case There are multiple external and internal factors pushing on healthcare administrators in this market. It becomes harder to remain focused on the central mission and vision of the organization. This assignment provides the opportunity for you to have a voice and make a business case for innovation in health care that ties to the hospital’s mission and vision. A business case is designed to lead directly to a decision (Gambles, 2009; Roussel, Thomas, & Harris, 2016). Therefore it should be directed toward those individuals with the authority to make decisions for the organization. This work will focus on making a recommendation to senior leadership on improving a process within your organization. Respond to the following: Creating a fiscal and operational plan takes vision, alignment with the larger organizational plan, and attention to detail. As a masters prepared nurse, you are expected to have the necessary competencies to achieve budget soundness by using the best approach possible. This PowerPoint (with voice over) assignment will take you a step past the discussion forum this week. Your task at hand is to make a presentation related to this discussion. You have made the presentation at the Nursing Leadership Council and now you are asked to present this at the senior administrative team meeting. You have been granted a 15 minute block (including time for questions) on the Senior Administrative Team meeting to make your business case of why leadership should agree to your proposal. You found out that the CEO prefers proposals made using SBAR format (Situation, Background, Assessment, and Recommendation or Request) as a simple yet effective way to standardize communication. Therefore, you will prepare a 10 slide PowerPoint Presentation using SBAR format to make the business case for why the improvement should occur. This should be a succinctly prepared PowerPoint Presentation using SBAR format. Remember to use the notes and Voice Over to add additional information. The voice over will be no longer than two minutes per slide as if you were presenting this in person based on the 25 minute presentation block. There is a minimum of three references and citations. References:  Gambles, I. (2009). Making the business case: Proposals that succeed for projects that work. Burlington, VT: Gower Publishing Company.  Roussel, L., Thomas, P., & Harris, J. (2016). Management and leadership for nurse administrators. (7th ed.). Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning. Upon completion of this activity, you will be able to:  Demonstrate leadership and stewardship through the improvement initiative. (SLPO 1; NUR 625 M7A1: Presentation of Your Case CO 1)  Use knowledge of healthcare financial management principles in the development of your proposal. (SLPO 4; NLAC 2; CO 2) Review the presentation format to know the topic headings you should include in your presentation. Select each highlighted text for more information on the topic headings to be included in the presentation. Introduction (30 %) Title Slide: Name of proposal, author, and date (1 slide). Situation: a) Describe the product or service you are proposing (1 slide). b) Remember to present the supporting rationale for “why” the change is needed now. Background: c) identify the goal or purpose of the proposed product or service (1-2 slides). d) Connect the relationship of the product/service to the organization’s existing mission, vision, and goals. Tie the change to the organization’s strategic plan or quality initiatives (e.g. patient safety goals, patient experience, or financial return on investment). Assessment: 30% a) Provide SWOT analysis to describing succinctly the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats regarding your proposal (1 slide) b) Categorize the projected costs (e.g. personnel/labor, supplies, equipment, remodeling) along with course correction costs it will take to remedy the identified change (1-2 slides). c) Projects invariably involve risks. Clearly identify any risks associated with the proposed change and what it would take to mitigate the risk (1 slide). Conclusion 10% NUR 625 M7A1: Presentation of Your Case Recommendation or Request: a) Provide a conclusion section that summarizes the proposal including what you are requesting or recommending a timeline and costs (1 slide). b) References (1 slide)

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