Posted: December 6th, 2022

Assignment: Paraphrasing: Putting It Into Your Own Words

Assignment: Paraphrasing: Putting It Into Your Own Words

Paraphrasing is at the center of scholarly writing. One of the habits that many undergraduate students develop when discussing information from references is to quote that information. As graduate students, you are expected to advance your academic writing style to rely on paraphrasing—or putting what you read into your own words; however, the ideas and information are still always cited.

To prepare for this Assignment:

  • Review the Learning Resources for this week and pay close attention to good paraphrasing.
  • Select a peer reviewed article from your previous search in Week 2 or based on a topic of interest and consider a paragraph you would like to paraphrase for your Assignment Assignment: Paraphrasing: Putting It Into Your Own Words.


Assignment (1 page):

  • Copy a paragraph from the article you chose with a reference to your article.
  • Next, using the Learning Resources related to good paraphrasing for guidance, paraphrase this paragraph and include this in your assignment.

Note: Cite your source in APA style. Use your APA Manual to help guide your referencing.

By Day 7

Submit your Assignment.

Note: When you submit this Assignment, you will submit to SafeAssign and generate an originality report. Please make sure to save this report since you will use this in Week 5. To access SafeAssign tutorial and the Originality Report support and help, please access the “Classroom Help” feature in the dashboard of your classroom as well as the “Academic Integrity” source in the Learning Resources Assignment: Paraphrasing: Putting It Into Your Own Words.

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