Posted: January 27th, 2023

Application of Data to Problem-Solving

Application of Data to Problem-Solving

As nurses I believe we all face problems that may arise at any moment. One issue we are constantly facing is patient violence. One study reported 80% of nurses had experienced verbal abuse from patients or families, with male nurses having higher rates than females (Cho et al., 2020). On my unit we receive quite a few alcohol withdraw patients. These individuals become incoherent and aggressive if not treated properly. Many times, these individuals have no recollection of the violence they exhibited. At our organization nurses can press charges legally through our police officers for acts of violence Application of Data to Problem-Solving. It is important that management supports their worker through these situations. If management helps control the verbal abuse, this may be linked to improved patient care (Cho et al., 2020).


While I believe the electronic medical record is a great resource, much of the data measured cannot be found on this source. Incident reports would be a great way to track injuries that have been inflicted on staff or property. This would provide a detailed document of what occurred and who was present. All the data gathered can then be processed to provide information on this scenario (McGonigle & Masrian, 2017, p. 22). Another method that may be useful is an anonymous box. Application of Data to Problem-Solving Many individuals do not want to talk to management about situations that have occurred. This box provides a way for staff to still report incidences of violence that are occurring without being named. It also allows for more accurate reporting of the number of situations that may be occurring.

This is a great scenario to apply nursing informatics principles. It is important that you included how a timeline is necessary in this process. The nurse leader is crucial in this process. They are acting as the role models for these scenarios and any future problem solving Application of Data to Problem-Solving.



Cho, H., Pavek, K., & Steege, L. (2020). Workplace verbal abuse, nurse-reported quality of care and patient safety outcomes among early-career hospital nurses. Journal of Nursing Management, 28(6), 1250-1258. 10.1111/jonm.13071

McGonigle, D., & Mastrian, K. G. (2017). Nursing informatics and the foundation of knowledge (4th ed.). Jones & Bartlett Learning. Application of Data to Problem-Solving

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