Posted: November 4th, 2016

What is the adjusted mortality rate for black males using the age distribution for white males

Chittenden County Health Department reported 17 new cases of lyme disease in the first half of 1994 and 18 additional cases during the second half of the year. The population of the county was 204,500 at the beginning of the year and 215,000 at the end of the year. What was the incidence rate of lyme disease in Chittenden County in 1994? What type of incidence rate is this? Health authorities in Savannah, GA reported that 22 injuries requiring hospitalization occurred in the city of 65,000 during St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Eight additional cases occurred during the following month, and two of these died from their injuries. What was the prevalence rate of injuries requiring hospitalization on the holiday and for the period as a whole? An epidemiological study of prostate cancer among elderly men followed 1,400 men, 65-79 years of age, without evidence of prostate cancer over several years. Every two years the investigators examined the men for prostate cancer. The results were as follows: 12 new cases at the first evaluation, 11 new cases at the second evaluation, 23 new cases at the third evaluation, and 28 new cases at the fourth (final) evaluation. The investigators also noted that 35 of the men had withdrawn from the study at the third evaluation. Based on this information, calculate and interpret the incidence density rate of prostate cancer in this group. In 1990, there were 4,500 deaths due to lung diseases in miners aged 20 to 64 years. The expected number of deaths in this occupational group, based on age-specific deaths rates from lung diseases in all males aged 20 to 64 years, was 1,800 during 1990. What is the standardized mortality ratio (SMR) for lung disease in miners? Interpret this ratio. U.S. Mortality Rate from Diabetes Mellitus Among White and Black Males, 2002-2006 White Males Black Males Age Count Population Rate per 100,000 Count Population Rate per 100,000 <20 164 162,641,291 0.1 83 33,705,536 0.2 20-29 590 81,937,726 0.7 322 14,478,486 2.2 30-39 2,336 84,095,945 2.8 1,011 13,129,275 7.7 40-49 8,060 92,001,425 8.8 2,542 13,094,742 19.4 50-59 18,274 74,721,834 24.5 5,164 8,927,492 57.8 60-69 28,305 45,863,716 61.7 6,609 4,737,703 139.5 70-79 41,653 30,755,031 135.4 6,936 2,661,141 260.6 80+ 44,980 16,327,464 275.5 5,030 1,199,688 419.3 Total 144,362 588,344,432 24.5 27,697 91,934,063 30.1 What is the adjusted mortality rate for black males using the age distribution for white males? Show your calculations in tabular form. Is this the direct or indirect method for age adjustment?

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