Posted: June 1st, 2018

A physician writes an order for Zithromax 250mg by mouth once daily for four days.

1. Alex, a pharmacy technician wanted to measure out 25 cc of water into a graduate cylinder; how many millimeters would Alex need to measure out into the graduate cylinder? Show work

2. If 1 gram is equal to 1000mg, what is 3.5 grams equal to? Show work

3. Clark’s rule for pediatric dosage calculations is considered to be more accurate when compared to Young’s or Fried’s rules because it is based on the weight of the child. An adult dose cortisone is 100 mg. What would the pediatric dose (milligrams) for a child that weighs 24lbs be?

* 24mg

* 16mg

* 10mg


4. A patient who was admitted to the hospital was started on bedtime regimen of levemir 10 units. A 100 unit insulin syringe was selected to give the dose. How many millimeters is (are) in 10 units of insulin?

* 0.3ml




5. An order was written for sevelamar (Renagel) 200mg three times per day with meals. The dose of sevelamer that the pharmacy has in stock is 40mg. How many tablets will a patient have to take each day?

* 10 tablets

*15 tablets

*9 tablets

12 tablets

6. A physician writes an order for Zithromax 250mg by mouth once daily for four days. The pharmacy wishes to dispense the 200mg/5ml oral reconstituted suspension of this antibiotic. What is the total milliliters (mls) dosage that will be needed for the entire treatment duration?

* 50mls

* 30mls

* 25mls

* 15mls

7. With increased medication prescribing, dispensing, and administration, there has been a subsequent increase in the number of medication error occurrences. Describe three strategies that can be implemented to reduce or avoid medication error and additionally promote the safe use of medications. Your response should be at least 75 words in length.

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