Posted: July 10th, 2016

5 important “A’s” of access to healthcare.

Open access to health care

5 important “A’s” of access to healthcare.
In health care we often talk about the 5 important “A’s” of access to healthcare.
The 5 A’s are:
Availability: Degree of fit between existing health services and clients’ needs

Accessibility: Extent to which the geographical location of health service delivery coincides with the location of clients

Affordability: Degree of fit between service prices and clients’ ability to pay

Adequacy: Extent to which the organization of services meets clients’ expectations

Acceptability: Degree of fit between characteristics of the provider and those of clients

Based upon the 5 A’s, let’s discuss the following:
Do all individuals currently have equal and open access to health care? Why? Why not?

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